The international trailer for José Padilha‘s Robocop reboot has hit the Internet and it’s aiming straight at the heart of the story while using both hands to tug at your heart-strings.This is an all too human look at what happens to Alex Murphy, as well as a chilling look at Gary Oldman‘s character Dr. Dennett Norton. There’s nothing in this trailer that overtly screams of Norton’s creepiness, but when you consider his statement about the illusion of free will in the first trailer and combine that with his all to clinical concern for Murphy in this trailer, you should feel a shiver run up your spine. Charming bedside manner and the ruthless application of medical technology should scare the Bejesus out of you.

What did you think?

When I saw this, I was immediately reminded of the many armed service members wounded overseas and how easily they might see themselves and their circumstances reflected in the movie.

It is interesting that the first international trailer choose to focus on the man inside the machine and not just the all out action. Things are looking pretty damn good for this reboot of a beloved franchise. All signs are pointing in the right direction.

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