Anyone who’s seen HBO’s Game of Thrones so far, regardless of what they think of the series as a whole, knows that the opening theme kicks ass. It’s not the most elaborate thing in the world, but it’s epic, epic music, the kind of thing made for swords and castles and high drama on horseback. It was only a matter of time before a rock musician caught wind of the symphonic potential.

This YouTube video uploaded by user whitenoiselab last Friday is a complete version of the theme, done by a single dude, featuring at least two electric guitars, one acoustic guitar, a bass and a full drum kit. The video is a montage of the creator hammering out each individual part of the tune until it comes together in a heavy dose of awesome. If you’re like me, you’re a nerd that believes sci-fi and fantasy blends well with the music of nerdy rock acts like Blue Oyster Cult and Ronnie James Dio. I think this guy believes that too, and he fulfilled this tune’s kick-ass potential.

Check out the video below. Oh, and if any of you Photoshop geeks want to take the time to graft a sweet guitar onto the Game of Thrones poster in place of that sword, be sure to let us know about it.

[UPDATE]: Special thank to twitter user @SuzyFnHomeMaker who too heded our photoshop request (pictured above). She gets a nerd nod of approval.


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