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The folks over at College Humor are at it again. Last month it was an animated short poking fun at the Back To The Future Trilogy. This month they’ve put together a parody of the ESPN show 30 For 30, imagining if the events of Rocky IV were real and how they helped end the Cold War. The add authenticity, they were able to get the help of some ESPN anchors and sports journalists. If you’ve ever seen 30 For 30 or Rocky IV, then you’re in for a treat.

Some of the best lines from the clip include,

“Now I’ve followed boxing and dance for 23 years. Apollo Creed was in dance shape – not boxing shape.”

“Creed is clearly exhausted by the dance number he did with James Brown 5 minutes earlier, and before the second round is over…well, that’s it.”

“I interviewed Rocky about that time in ’84. He was retired. He just wanted to stay at home with his family and his robot, like a normal guy.”

“The corner men were fighting each other. Drago picked up his promoter by the neck!”

Out of all the one-liners, though, the best one had to have been,

“I’ve only cried twice because of a sporting event. When Happy Gilmore accidentally killed Chubbs. And then, when Apollo died…”

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The only thing missing from this parody was a training montage. Rocky IV definitely had the best training montage in the entire series. The spirit of Rocky lives on when Creed hits theaters on November 25th.

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