Obviously, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg must be feeling pretty good about how well they’ve adapted the Garth Ennis/Steve Dillon Vertigo comic book series Preacher, because they are about to tackle another major Ennis title. Preacher premieres on AMC next month, and the early buzz has been very, very positive, so why not next tackle the book that Ennis himself once said he hoped to “out-Preacher Preacher” with. Yes, for their next trick, Rogen and Goldberg are planning on adapting The Boys, an Ennis book released under Wildstorm and Dynamite, for a channel that will loosen even further the cuffs on violence, language and sexuality: Cinemax.

As reported by Deadline, the duo behind Preacher and big screen hits like The Interview and This is the End, are going to be turning The Boys into a new series. The Boys refers to a group of CIA black ops assassins charged with eliminating superheroes. In the Boys’ world, superheroes are real, but their celebrity status sometimes makes them reckless, threatening world safety. The series begins with The Boys recruiting Wee Hughie, a Scottish conspiracy theorist whose girlfriend was killed by a superhero called A-Train, a Flash like speedster.

The series will be co-produced by Original Film’s Neil Moritz (Fast & Furious) and Sony TV, but it will be Supernatural creator Eric Kripke writing the script. Interestingly, The Boys is following Preacher’s course of years of attempted film development now turned to attempted TV series. The Big Short director Adam McKay was trying to turn The Boys into a movie as far back as 2010 with an eye on Simon Pegg to star as Hughie, but it seemed forever stuck in development hell. It’s hard to believe that sometime in the near future there may be two shows based on Garth Ennis comic books on TV at the same time, but that’s the world we know live in. What a time to be alive!

Meanwhile, Preacher will launch on AMC on Sunday May 22

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