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Back in April, gamers got angry at at blog Roger Ebert wrote, stating that video games can never be art. Yesterday, Ebert posted another blog now claiming that he shouldn’t have said that statement. While he STILL believes that video games is not art, he now says that it may be considered as art sometime in the future. He goes on to explain that he may have been wrong since he couldn’t come up with a definition of art (to base his argument on) that prevents games to be consider as the form. Ebert also went on to admit that he never gave games a real chance and since that he has no desire to play it, he felt that he wasn’t in the position to make such statement.

With Ebert writing this, many people decided to forgive the man as he admits that he shouldn’t have said such a thing. Personally, while I respect Ebert’s opinion, I didn’t give a damn because it didn’t change my opinion or my views of games being art. In the end, Ebert still does believe that games are not art and now he has many people forgiving him. Like I said before, the man knows how to work the internet.

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