Rumor: Killer Croc in Batman 3?


File this one under a complete rumor, albeit a very, very interesting one!

It seems that, with the news that Batman 3 will film in New Orleans in April 2012, rumors began to circulate about if the geography could play an intricate part into introducing a particular character. And, if you are thinking about Louisiana and New Orleans, you automatically think o the bayou and swamps … hence, Killer Croc.

The path is logical, but just because they are shooting it in New Orleans, does not mean the villain will be from there. But, if they do decide to use Killer Croc (whom I believe could be put to good use as a secondary villain who teams up with another … like maybe with the Penguin? Or, the Riddler?)

What do you think of Killer Croc being a villain in Batman 3?

Killer Croc (aka Waylon Jones) was born with Epidermolytic Hyperkeratosis, a condition that causes him to resemble a crocodile. Finding work as a crocodile wrestler, he eventually turned to a life of crime to make money. Possessing enhanced strength, durability and stamina, (but relatively low intelligence, hence his constant use as a bodyguard/enforcer), he is a huge physical threat to Batman.

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