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Whether you’re a fan of Ridley Scott’s return to the world of Alien – AKA Prometheus – or you’re one of those folks who absolutely hated it, it’s a fact that Scott plans on continuing his way into this new piece of the franchise. In addition, you may have heard the news that Alien 5 is in the works and it shall be written and directed by none-other-than Neill Blomkamp. Since the two stories take place during two completely different timelines of the Aliens universe, it seems that they could be released whenever, right? But, according to the rumor mill, Alien 5 is going to be delayed a bit, as it has to take a back seat to Scott’s Prometheus 2.

The rumor people (aka “sources”) say that both films are definitely on Fox’s to-do list, but that Ridley Scott, who happens to be working as a producer on Alien 5, has put his foot down with regards to Prometheus 2 being made and released first. Why this is the case, likely only Scott knows.

The good news is that Scott is revving to go on his new project and, if said sources are correct, should be starting in on it sometime at the end of this year or the beginning of 2016. That means the delay for Alien 5 won’t be too long and we may see it dropping in 2018, with Prometheus 2’s release during the previous year. That’s two years of Alien-themed properties for us Alien fanboys to enjoy. Not so bad, as long as you aren’t the impatient type.

Also, since Blomkamp’s Alien project requires Sigourney Weaver to take part and she’s going to be a very busy lady with all those damned Avatar sequels, the extra time will allow Blomkamp to work around her schedule. Likely the delay is something that would have happened either way. Now it’s just official.

What say thee, Nerd Readers? Excited for a return to the story of Prometheus? Or is a Blomkamp version of the Alien franchise more up your alley?


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