Hollywood spies today announced that Warner Brothers Studios have taken steps to acquire the film rights for the J.K. Rowling play Harry Potter & The Cursed Child and are focused strongly on Daniel Radcliffe reprising his iconic role as the famous wizard. 

At this stage there have been no firm indications as spokespersons for both Warner and Radcliffe have not issued any kind of statement. The news directly goes against previous statements made by those involved at the introduction of the stage play which sold 2 million copies of it’s script print on the first day of its release.

The play itself which is set 19 years after the conclusion of the Harry Potter series, follows an older Harry and his son Albus as he attends Hogwarts. The story includes main characters from the franchise and is viewed as a cannonistic continuation of the saga.

Daniel Radcliffe has made it clear on numerous occasions that he wants to “keep some distance” from the character he first portrayed in 2001, which is unsurprising. But he also stipulated that he wouldn’t be adverse to playing the role again. In an interview a few weeks ago Radcliffe stated :

“It would depend on the script. The circumstances would have to be pretty extraordinary.”

If the rumors are true the studio is set to bring ‘HP&TCC’ to cinemas as early as 2020, that is providing they secure Radcliffe to reprise the role. Sources have stipulated that the studio might not be willing to go ahead with the project if Radcliffe was not involved.

The project would mean big business for the Studio who currently releasing ‘Fantastic beasts and where they live’ from the Potter-verse. Warner are reported to be considering making a trilogy out of the story line, however J.K. Rowling herself has also previously stated that the play would not be a film.

Chances are that Radcliffe will don the round glasses for another outing at some point in his career, but whether or not this is the time (for an actor who has barely established himself outside of that universe) remains to be seen. So let’s not get too excited at this early stage but instead hold out for the inevitable nerd-based frenzy!

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