Deadpool is absolutely one of the coolest characters that Marvel has ever put on paper.  The Merc with a Mouth is one of those characters that not only have comic fans in love but is often used by those who are new to comics as a way of testing the superhero waters.  If a reader isn’t able to fall in love with the sarcastic fourth-wall-breaking self-aware character, it may be an indication that Marvel comics may not be the right fit.  Recently, test footage for a potential Deadpool movie was leaked and almost set the internet on fire. Not because it was horrible but because of just how wonderful it was and how badly people would love to see the movie.  Now, the man behind the mouth, Ryan Reynolds, is finally speaking out about the footage.

While discussing his role in the upcoming drama, The Captive (seriously, you need to see this movie), with Niagara Falls Review, the subject turned to the leaked footage.  While Reynolds admits it was unfortunate that the leak happened in the first place, he doesn’t seem too sorry.

The movie has been in a state of limbo for a while. There was such an overpowering reaction to the footage, you sort of feel like, ‘Oh, so we weren’t crazy for our reasons for loving this character, for loving this role.’ It’s interesting to see the power of the Internet. It’s awe-inspiring, actually. And it’s neat that Twitter and Facebook and Instagram can move mountains when used in the right way.

Fans of the popular character were absolutely ecstatic when it was announced that Reynolds would be playing the role in 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and why not? It was perfect casting and seeing Deadpool on screen was (almost) guaranteed to make Wolverine all the better for his addition. Then Wolverine showed us just how wrong we all were to get excited in the first place.  While there is no argument that Reynolds portrayed Deadpool’s alter-ego Wade Wilson to perfection, the Deadpool that fans were all hoping for was replaced by this monstrosity:


That’s right. They took the mouth away from the Merc with a Mouth.  It was absolutely devastating.  So devastating, in fact, that plans for a stand-alone Deadpool movie quickly went up in smoke.  Reynolds has continued to push for a movie that would do the character justice and refuses to budge on the fact that the movie needs to have a hard “R” rating in order to pay it the respect it deserves.  Hell, Zombieland writer Rhett Reese even has a script wrapped and ready to go!  Unfortunately, successful “R” rated superhero movies are hard to come by and Fox isn’t too keen on making a $100mil gamble on the movie.  We can all hope that the renewed interest, thanks to the leaked footage, will help convince the studio that we need a Deadpool movie as soon as possible.

Deadpool was featured in Marvel Comics’ Age of Apocalypse storyline, so there is a bit of hope (anxiety?) about the fact that fans may get another Deadpool cameo in the not so distant future.  In the meanwhile, if you haven’t seen the test footage yet, give it a watch! It’s totally worth the time.

Are you excited at the prospect of a Deadpool movie done right or are you over it at this point?

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