Fans of Neil Gaiman everywhere likely know of the horrible state of affairs that has followed the potential for his Sandman comic series to make it to the big screen.  This idea has been floating around since many years before the series finished its run, but nothing good has ever come of it.  Now, with the popularity of comic book flicks and the desire to milk every available property they can, the powers-that-be may be looking to finally take the plunge.  What’s more, there are a couple of interesting names being attached to the project.  Read on for more Sandman-y goodness.

None-other-than DC writing guru David Goyer is pitching a Sandman adaptation to the moneybags at Warner Bros.  And if the rumors are to be believed, the reactions from execs are hopeful.  Hell, it seems as if they’ve even begun chatting with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, though whether that’s to take on the role of the titular Lord of Dreams or not remains to be seen.  Some have speculated that they may want Gordon-Levitt to turn his recently acquired directorial skills to the project, which would be interesting to say the least.

With the coming of the Hellblazer television show and the continued speculation of a Justice League Dark with Guillermo del Toro at the helm, this could be the perfect time to bring out the big guns and drop Sandman on the world as well.  Of course, it’s all still in the very, very early phase of development, so even if it’s not just a rumor, it could turn to ashes at a moment’s notice.  Stay tuned for more news on this as we hear it.

What do the Nerd Readers think about it?  Is a Sandman movie worth the effort or should they hold out for a TV show?  JGL for Morpheus or is this a horrible idea?  If you could cast, who would you choose to take on the role of The Lord of Dreams?


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