It looks like Sarah Michelle Gellar has joined the Dark Side of the Force in Star Wars Rebels. We’ve known she was going to be part of season 2 and now we know she will be playing a brand new Inquisitor, the Seventh Sister. She’s all about hunting down the Rebels for the Empire and toying with Jedi before she wipes them from the Galaxy.Gellar toyed a bit with fans last week when she posted this picture to Instagram, sparking rumors she might be voicing Princess Leia.

Now we know that’s not gonna happen, what is the Seventh Sister all about?

It’s interesting that she didn’t see any drawings of the character before she went into the sound booth to record. Most likely she only had a character description page and the dialogue to work with. She did kind of have an inside track on casting, her husband Freddie Prince Jr. is voicing the lead Jedi Kanan.

Here’s the trailer for season two:

What do you think? I’m looking forward to seeing the scenes with the Seventh Sister and Kanan, that husband and wife dynamic will be interesting to see translated into their characters that are apposed to one another’s goals.

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