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NOTHING if SOPA & PIPA aren’t stopped. If these controversial pieces of legislation were to pass you could say goodbye to amusing collections of funny shit on the internet, like Nerdy Bits.

Above: The Joy of Tech illustrate the internet blackout of 2012, happening today in protest of the damaging legislation SOPA and PIPA. And while yes, the blackout could help get you laid, you won’t be able visit many of your favorite sites. Here’s a list of websites currently blacked out in protest. (Laughing Squid)

Don’t know what SOPA , or it’s sibling PIPA, are? Let’s educate! What is SOPA? by Gizmodo gives a great and easy to understand explanation. But so does this animated clip from The Oatmeal, and it involves jet skis and koala/goat love, making it much more amusing.

Do your part to stop SOPA and PIPA. As of now SOPA has been shelved, but it’s not dead, it could rear its ugly head again. PIPA, it’s Senate counterpart is still going strong. Call your senator and tell them you want to keep the internet a cool, hip place where we can laugh at Arnold Schwarzenegger parodies and Skyrim memes until we too take an arrow in the knee.

Please guys, do it for the LOLcats.


Nerd decorating done right. Just be wary if you take a girl upstairs passed all these lightsabers. If she’s not already a huge Star Wars fans you could freak her out. Be responsible with your obsessive fandom. (Nerd Approved)


In this Vodaphone commercial Yoda tries to help a dude with transferring information between his old phone and new. It’s not needed becasuse, yadda, yadda, yadda it’s a mobile phone commercial. Then the chick asks if Yoda tastes like wasabi? What the fuck creepy lady!? (Bleeding Cool)


Logospilgrim has transformed her bedroom into a room fit for a potions master. Which was the point, seeing she’s a MASSIVE Severus Snape fan. Check out more photos of her impressive collection at The Mary Sue.


The future of motion capture technology is here. Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel are the actors who bring inanimate objects to life on screen by being as lifeless as possible. It’s a gift. They’ve been invaluable to directors like Michael Bay and Jon Favreau as you’ll see above. (/Film)


Seriously, if they replaced the Joes with Ponies, I’d be all over the G.I. Joe franchise. It’s all Hasbro, they can do this right? (Geek Tyrant)


We’ll send you on our way with this, Lionel Richie’s “Hello” performed using only movie clips. Remember to call your senators and tell them to stop PIPA (and SOPA were it to come back from the dead.) Otherwise, funny shit like this wouldn’t exist! (Laughing Squid)


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