When Pacific Rim was first teased, a collective “YES” could be heard around the world. Jaws dropped as we got our first glimpse at giant robots fighting enormous Kaiju. What do you do, though, once you’ve fed a hungry bear? You have to feed it more, but how long would we have to wait? How many years would have to go by until fans would feel satisfaction once again? Up until a few days ago, fans only needed to wait a couple more years when the original release date for Pacific Rim 2 would hit. It is with great sadness that we have to report that fans may now have to wait a little bit longer. How much longer? Well, that all depends…

First of all, did you know that Pacific Rim 2 was actually being worked before Pacific Rim was released in 2013? That’s how much Guillermo del Toro believed in the project. Surprisingly, even with all of the hype, the movie didn’t really do that well in the United States. However, it did extremely well overseas, in particular, China. Thanks to that success, the studio decided to go ahead with the sequel.

That has all changed though. As of right now, the official news on the film is that it has been “halted indefinitely.” Other than that, there are no specifics. So this could mean that we’ll get it later than expected, or, worst case scenario, never at all.

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According to the report, there are very little in specifics as to what caused the delay, but it seems like it’s all coming down to money. Furthermore, the reported budget for Pacific Rim 2 was $190 million. To put that into perspective, it cost $250 million to make Avengers: Age of Ultron, and $150 million to make Jurrasic World.  The difference in these dollar amounts may not seem much to everyday, normal people, but to studio execs, this is their lifeblood. Unfortunately, in today’s economy, no one wants to risk any of it.

To make things even worse, the script for Pacific Rim 2 sounded like it was going to be really good. While there aren’t many details about it, the movie was set to take place a few years after the first. The real kicker is that it was supposed to set the scene for Pacific Rim 3.

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Do you hear that? That’s the sound of thousands of people sighing. Now it’s time to play the waiting game. Hopefully, reports like this and many others will cause people to take a stand and let those executives that we want Pacific Rim 2 & 3.  If all else fails, they could always start a crowd sourcing campaign. Word on the street is that those tend to do well if there is an audience for it.

Pacific Rim 2 was originally set for release on August 4, 2017.

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