Scarlett Johansson as a sexy alien who eats humans, I can dig it!  This is supposedly what will be happening in her upcoming flick by Jonathan Glazer (Sexy Beast, Birth).  This film is set in deep space where organisms build themselves the disguise of the perfect woman.  The descriptions of these things reads,

“a lethal concoction of sensual paraphenalia, a stunning FEMALE, complete in every way”

Basically, this sounds like someone our good pal Xander Harris would fall for.

In then end however Scarlett Jo’s character begins to feel conflicted with her own species and the horrible things it is doing.  All in all this sound pretty interesting and if done right could turn out extremely well.  What do you guys think? As of right now Scarlett is merely “attached” to the project so hopefully this will progress and pan out with her being on board because with a hottie like Scarlett  can this film really go wrong??  And she’s a pretty damn good actress also.  If all goes well production should start in the Spring.

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