With seemingly world shattering announcement yesterday evening that Ben Affleck would be donning the infamous Dark Knight cape and cowl in the untitled Man of Steel sequel, we are also now learning that Affleck will no longer be writing/directing the feature film adaptation of The Stand.

The Stand, which is based on the Stephen King apocalyptic novel of the same name, is being developed by Warner Bros., with their new Batman as the latest name pegged as the director, but it seems now that Scott Cooper will be taking his place.

Cooper will be rewriting the script, and it’s currently unknown at this point whether or not there will be only one film, or multiple, based on the novel, which was also made into a mini-series back in ’94.

With the rights to The Stand being with Warner Bros. for only a limited time, it’s understandable that they would chose to pass on Affleck in order to get the movie out as soon as possible, what with his packed schedule and all. What do you think? Are you happy that Affleck is out of this project, or you would rather he stayed on, directing and writing this instead of taking on the Man of Steel sequel?

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