So the box office numbers are out and to no one’s surprise, The Expendables took the number one spot with $35 million this past weekend. After that, Eat, Pray, Love took the number 2 spot while The Other Guys and Inception was 3rd and 4th. Which leaves Scott Pilgrim vs. The World debuting at 5th at $10.5 million. While that may not be the worst of 2010, that honor goes to the MacGruber film, it’s still not a good number to look at when the budget of the film was somewhere around $60-$80 million.

So what went wrong? Was this a film that no one really wanted but the hardcore? Did having Michael Cera as the lead affected people’s decision to watch the film? Or did most nerds just pirated film so that they didn’t need to show their face in public?  As for me, this was the first film in a LONG time where I went to go see on opening day because I’m a fan of the graphic novel and loved the video game, in which you can read the review here.

Am I upset by this news, of course I am. Though, I’m sure the film will eventually get most of it’s money through DVD/Blu-Ray sales, I did hope for it to at least take the number 3 spot. What do y’all think? Do you think this was going to happen or did you believe it would do better? While I know it’s not the end of the world, I would facepalm if both Vampire Sucks and Piranha 3D have better opening numbers than Scott Pilgrim.

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