Scream Awards 2010 Recap

The votes have been counted and the night of Spike’s fifth annual Scream Awards, honoring the best in sci-fi, fantasy, comics, and horror, has come to an end. With few winners and many second places packed into the two hour award show, it was still an outstanding night overall. Here’s a recap of all Spike’s hits, misses and Mickey Rourke’s face, who looked like he didn’t know where he was.
Halle Berry opened the night introducing this year’s Ultimate Scream, with Inception‘s Director Christopher Nolan accepting among a live orchestra. The night followed with Megan Fox awarding Best Villian to Iron Man 2’s Mickey Rourke for his role as Ivan Vanko. Mickey still has some class, accepting the award drink in hand while saying it’s a good night with “alot of tits and ass” Classy Rourke, classy.
Best comic book writer went to a well deserving Geoff Johns for Blackest Night, Brightest Day, The Flash, Green Lantern with Geoff Johns accepting. Geoff thank his team and dedicated the win to his future wife.He’s gonna score like Beckham tonight. Paranormal Activity’s Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat then presented an exclusive trailer to Paranormal Activity 2, I won’t spoil it for you, but it has potential. An exclusive clip of Rainn Wilson’s Super was show to viewers along with this year’s Holy Sh!t Scene of the year going to True Blood for that “Twisted” sex scene with Stephen Moyer accepting. Sadly it did start to drizzle, since the Greek Theater in Hollywood is outside, but hey, the show must go on.
Anthony Hopkins shows off first clips of The Rite and it looked damn impressive, being based on ture events doesn’t hurt either. Best Fantasy Actress went to Kristen Stewart for (ugh!) The Twlight Saga: Eclipse, what does sparkling vampires have to do with Screaming anyway? Thomas Jane gave this year’s Comic-Con Icon award to (cue the flames) to Ray Bradbury. At 90 years, Ray still goes to Comic-con every year making him the world’s biggest fanboy but couldn’t show up to accept his reward.
The cast of Scream 4, alongside Wes Craven debuted the trailer for Scream 4. Look’s like someone’s not making it to scream 5 if everyone saw the trailer correctly. Best Horror Actress went to True Blood’s Anna Paquin, after finding out she’s a fairy, she needed something to get her mind off that. James Cameron gave the first ever Scream Heroine award to Ellen Ripley herself, Sigourney Weaver. Bursting out of an Alien’s facehugger egg (with green lights), Weaver still looks fantastic even while standing beside the piece of walking crap that handed her award. Still, points to Cameron calling Sigourney the “Queen of Sci-fi”.
David Spade drove on stage in the DeLorean (can his feet reach the pedals ?) after a great animated entrance and welcomed both Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd to the stage. Each recieving standing ovation, speaking to the packed crowd and still looking fantastic, even after 25 years. It was amazing to see them both thanking the crowd for keeping the film in the hearts of the fans. AMC’s the Walking Dead actors Jon Bernthal and Sarah Wayne Callies awarded author Robert Kirman with Best Comic Book or Graphic Novel for The Walking dead. Robert thanked his crew and cracked a good joke towards the awards presenter. They then showed an exclusive clip of what fans are expecting for the Walking Dead’s Halloween debut. With what everyone saw it’s going to be a great Halloween. The actors of Troll 2 showed up to give Best Worst Movie to (No surprise here) Piranha 3D. With crap like that it was the true winner tonight.
Kelly Osbourne gave Alexander Skargard his award for Best Horror Actor. From Best villian last year to Best actor, things are looking up. Eli Roth was onstage to present the triple M, Most Memorable Mutilation, with some in the crowd almost looking away. The winner, The Human Centipede (First Sequence), brings new meaning to “ass to mouth” it was funny to see people look away. Iron Man 2’s Don Cheadle gave the 3D Top Three Award to Avatar, with James Cameron and producer John Landau accepting. Cameron also won Best Director and Best FX that night and they show the audience a clip from, are you kidding, the extended collector’s editon of Avatar. Still didn’t make me wanna watch that movie.
Jimmy kimmel honored the TV series Lost, with great rips from Kimmel on the show having missing answers. After the recap of Lost the award was accepted by Harold Perrineau & other cast members of the series. They thanked the audience for being such great fans of the show and all their support. The crowd then witnessed what can only be described as a very bloody death of a vampire followed by Marilyn Manson being a dick. Before announcing the Best TV Show he intentionally breaks stage microphone. A pa came up and fixed it (good job pal). Manson then demanded the award girl to drop to her knees to provide him with award envelope and proceeds with misogynist banter. Creator Alan ball accepted his award but not before Manson intentionally interrupts his acceptance speech. Audience is not pleased with this, not at all.
Sarah Silverman crack’s joke about Meghan Fox before announcing Best Horror Movie, going to the fantastic Zombieland. Bill Murray accepts in full Ghostbuster’s uniform, the crowd went nuts. Does the uniform mean Ghostbusters 3 is right around the corner? Bill also won for Best Cameo and had a great acceptance speech, thanking not only his fellow cast but friends that passed away. He even thanked Mickey Rourke at the end. M.I.A performed in what could only be called the worst performance of the show, dressed in what could only be called disgusting. With the floor still wet, why didn’t she slip? Now that would have been a moment to remember.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, part 1, was shown to the drooling crowd of undead and it was something else. Looking to be the darkest of the series so far it’s going to break some records (knock on wood). Rosario (Sexy) Dawson presented the Best Fantasy Movie to The Twlight Saga: Eclipse, accepted by Twlight stars Kristen Stewart, Nikki Reed, Jackson Rathbone. Shame Kick-ass was left in the dust, just shows what “Twihards” can do. The night concluded with Most Anticipated Movie and holy crap, was it worth the wait for the fans. With Blake Lively presenting, the Central power battery of Oa rolled onto the stage to signal Green Lantern as the winner with Ryan Reynolds accepting. He thanked the crew working on this June’s action packed movie, closing the night with a collage of scenes from award show.
What did you think of tonight Scream Awards? Good? Bad? Were your winners picked? Let’s us know in the comments below. Let’s see how Spike tops this next year.

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