Ant-Man Poster

Today kicks off the first day of San Diego Comic-Con and announcements and teasers are already flying thick at the con. Amidst the crowds and clamor it seems that a few movies are getting posters, which seem to be available at the con, while another is showing off its official logo for the first time. 

First up is the Ant-Man poster from Marvel Studios. The poster features Paul Rudd, as Scott Lang, a thief who stole the Ant-Man suit from the original Ant-Man Hank Pym, as played by Michael Douglas. Though Lang initially takes the suit for immoral reasons, his heroism shines through in the end. In the poster, Rudd and Douglas can both be seen in profile, while it also shows Ant-Man riding on his preferred means of transportation while tiny, an ant.

SDCC Ant-Man Poster

Next is the poster for the upcoming Hunger Game: Mockingjay – Part 1. The poster is a bit different than most movie posters we’ll likely see at SDCC, as it was produced by street artist WK Interact. The poster features a soldier with a gun, something fans of The Hunger Games movies are sure to see plenty of in this penultimate film, as Katniss fights against the tyrannical government of Panem.

Mockingjay Poster

Finally, the upcoming Warcraft  movie gets an official logo. Filming has already wrapped on the movie and it’s set to be released in May 2016, but this seems to be the first that we’ve seen of the logo or title card. Also on hand at the Legendary booth were some weapons straight from Azeroth.

Warcraft Logo

Warcraft Logo

Warcraft Weapon

This is just the first night of SDCC, with all the best announcements and reveals yet to come, but these are already some pretty exciting bits of news. Especially cool is to see the Ant-Man poster, which features an exciting visual of Ant-Man riding an ant, something that’ll surely be cool to see onscreen.

Are you digging Ant-Man riding an ant as much as I am, or is the Mockingjay poster more your style? Which film announcements or teasers are you still hoping to see as SDCC continues?

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