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After a make of break Ant-Man panel (which from some accounts seems to be a “make”), it was shooting fish in a barrel time for Marvel Studios by bringing out Avengers, both old and new, for the Avengers: Age of Ultron panel. It included some special guests, a surprise announcement and a sneak peak at some very exciting, and possibly emotionally devastating footage. Here are the highlights….

From the panel:

James Spader says he was excited by the part because, “I’ve always played humans, up until this…”

Robert Downey Jr joked about becoming increasingly irrelevant as Marvel cast evolves.

“It’s been awesome. I was first really intimidated.” Elizabeth Olsen says of joining the Avengers.

“Every year I come here and it validates the fact that I belong. It makes me feel like going out and making movies for you.” Said Samuel Jackson.

Smack down! Olsen said “mutants,” Ruffalo said “mutant” is a bad word “She actually cast a spell on me 2 weeks ago. It burns.” Robert Downey Jr on Olsen

Thanos in the house! Josh Brolin comes out wearing the Infinity Gauntlet, and is given a purple rose which he eats on stage to prove is evilness.




Here’s a the full panel in video, sans exclusive video footage (described below) which was released today. I kind of feel bad for all the fans who waited almost 24 hours in line to see this, only to have it released online a day later.


Age of Ultron footage:

The scene opens with the Avengers, including James Rhodes and Maria Hill, as they are relaxing and having some drinks at what we can assume is the new Avengers Tower. They each take turns trying to pick up the Mjolnir. Stark gives it a shot but has no luck, so he brings out the big guns – an Iron Man arm, which he wears and gives it another shot. When there is no movement, Rhodes joins in wearing a War Machine arm. Between the two of them trying at the same time, the hammer doesnt budge. Banner gives it a shot and after he realizes he cant move it, pretends to Hulk out. Black Widow declines to try but Cap gives it a shot and actually manages to lift it an inch or two, much to the shock of the God of Thunder. Its all fun and games until a badly damaged Ultron shows up to the party and tells them he had a dream that everyone in the human race was screaming. He makes it known that the Avengers are just murderers which is why they are not worthy to hold the Mjolnir. Then the action begins.

We see all of the Avengers in full gear as they zoom about a city that has been destroyed. Hulk jumps onto a tank and causes some damage. There are military vehicles throughout the entire scene. We see Scarlet Witch shooting red energy from her hands and Quicksilver running around in a blur. Black Widow is hurrying to help innocents from a building before its destroyed. We see Hulk as he gets angry and Iron Man suits up in the Hulkbuster armor. Hulk tosses a car at him and they begin to fight. The scene cuts to a shot that shows Captain Americas shield destroyed then pans up to show Tony Stark staring at the rest of the Avengers’ dead and broken bodies. Cut to the title.

All in all, the footage was wonderful and looked finished. One of the best things about the scene is witnessing just how close the team has become. They are more than just partners – theyre friends. Age of Ultron proves that they have everything to lose and is sure to be everything the fans want and more.

For fans hoping that Marvel would drop some science on us about what they’re cooking for Phase 3 beyond Ant-Man and a third Captain America, the only announcement was that the July 28, 2017 slot was going to Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Director James Gunn and star Chris Pratt made the announcement via video message at the very end of the Marvel panel. Sorry gang, no official announcement for Doctor Strange or Black Panther, nor an official name or plot descriptions for Cap 3 or even an acknowledgement that Thor 3 is in the pipeline.

Maybe next Comic Con.

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