Lucasfilm and Disney released a new Star Wars: Rebels trailer the day before SDCC14 began, but those thinking that would be the only footage shown at the panel were surprised when shown this brand new footage. It looks and plays like an extended trailer for the premiere episode packed with new and exciting glimpses into the universe of Star Wars: Rebels.

Let’s get straight to the video:

There was a lot to see in that video. Erza (Taylor Gray) beginning to discover his ability to use the Force, Kanan’s (Freddie Prinze Jr.) final acceptance that he must train Erza to use his new powers wisely, not to mention all the fun blasters, lightsabers, aliens, and other Star Wars magic.

The series starts in October with the premiere of the first episode on the Disney channel. Then the series moves to Disney XD for its regular weekly screenings. Will you be tuning in?


Entertainment Weekly just got their hands on some new footage of the series villain, the Inquisitor, lightsaber fighting with the Cowboy Jedi, Kanan.

Interesting, I imagine a lot of lamps and vases will get broken this coming Christmas day as kids open up their presents and start re-enacting Star Wars: Rebels fight scenes in their living rooms with their brand new double-bladed Inquisitor sabers.

We’ve also just gotten this additional clip. featuring Erza and Zeb running from Stormtroopers.

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