901718 - Goosebumps

Fans of R.L. Stine may be skeptical about what the upcoming Goosebumps movie will bring to the table, but the folks at Sony seem confident enough about their project to have made it the main course of their SDCC panel. Courtesy of some other folks that managed to make it into the panel, we bring you a brief rundown of Sony’s presentation, including story details and a rundown of the bit of footage they showed to their audience. Scroll on for all the creepy goodness.

First and foremost, the plot isn’t going to revolve around any single Stine story, but instead will feature all the creatures of his books, escaped from the pages of their stories and wrecking havoc in the real world. Thus, we get Jack Black playing R.L. Stine as one of the protagonists trying to set things right.

There was also some footage from the opening shown. It’s a typical set-up, with a family moving to a small town and ending up right next door to the creepiest guy in town – R.L. Stine. The family son sees something going on in Stine’s house and decides to investigate. There he discovers that all the monsters from Stine’s books are on lockdown, trapped within the original manuscripts.

From there, the footage jumps to Stine, with kids in tow, driving around and being attacked by a giant preying mantis. Then they get chased by the Snowman of Pasadena. More footage shows off a funhouse, a werewolf, gnomes hurling knives and an evil dummy. Fans of Stine will no doubt know which books each of these critters emerges from, but this author, unfortunately, is unable to elaborate further.

When the footage was done, the audience was allowed to ask questions. Some facts emerged throughout the course of the Q&A. Apparently the monsters in the flick will range from pure CGI to pure make-up to everything in between. They also revealed a bit more concerning which monsters we can expect to see in the movie. Then they topped it all off by having more than a dozen costumed monsters come out on stage and carry poor Jack Black away, off to meet his doom. Here’s a pic that we “borrowed” from /film:

goosebumps stage shot

And a couple more courtesy of Fashion & Style

901718 - Goosebumps

901718 - Goosebumps

901718 - Goosebumps

goosebumps 5

All-in-all, reactions to what was shown have been overwhelmingly positive. I gave up on Jack Black some time ago (he kinda fell into that Adam Sandler-esque limbo of repetitive lameness), but I’m starting to become a bit more hopeful with Goosebumps. Whether you’re a fan of Stine, a kid that loves monster flicks or just a kid at heart, this may be a good 2015 summer movie to hit up.

You can check out Goosebumps when it hits the big screen on August 7th of next year.

Source: /film, Fashion & Style

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