With the upcoming Power Rangers film debuting in 2017, the cast and crew have been very busy getting things filmed and ready for the big screen. This weekend at San Diego Comic Con, fans are eagerly waiting for a chance at seeing the first trailer for the film. It has not been said whether or not it will happen, and there isn’t a panel for the film, but, the actors are in attendance and doing signings. During these autograph sessions, a little bit of extra information was also leaked! 

Nerdist was in attendance and got some insight on the new film. After speaking with director, Dean Isrealite and his cast consisting of Dacre Montgomery (Jason, the red ranger), Naomi Scott (Kimberley, the pink ranger), RJ Cyler (Billy, the blue ranger), Ludi Lin (Zach, the black ranger), and Becky G (Trini, the yellow ranger), spoke a bit more to Nerdist about some interesting details! Some of the first questions asked were, if Alpha 5 is returning, if the Dinozords would be making an appearance and if the original theme song would still represent the film.

First off, it was indeed confirmed that Alpha 5 will be returning to the franchise. He will be working alongside Zordon, played by Bryan Cranston, as his helper robot. It was also confirmed that the Rangers will be piloting the infamous Dinozords once again. As far as the classic (Go Go Power Rangers) theme song goes, it was confirmed that it will be the same song, yet it will be a covered version. It has not been said who will be providing the theme song, as of this time.

From what we have all heard from actor Bryan Cranston, this movie is supposed to have somewhat of a dark feel to it, although there is still all the colorful elements of what was Power Rangers, and Alpha 5, to be comic relief. There is no telling how it will really play out, but it seems to be coming together quite quickly and fans are getting more excited each time more details are revealed.


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