You’ve seen the Wonder Woman trailer, but the next item up for bids was a full-blown teaser trailer for the next film in the DC Extended Universe: Justice League. Fans in Hall H a little while ago went wild when director Zack Snyder showed the footage, and that’s in spite of the misgivings many of those people might have about his last cinematic endeavor. Now you may be kicking yourself because you’re not in San Diego, but don’t worry. Having learned from the mistakes of last year’s Suicide Squad leak, Warner Bros. has released on social media the complete tease for you homebodies to enjoy from the comfort of afar.

Since April, in the wake of the darkening disaster called Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, greater pains have been undertaken to assure us that this, the Justice League, would not be like Dawn of Justice. We’ve been promised lighter, with more humor and friendship between the group of heroes, and you know what? That’s exactly what this trailer gives us! We get Aquaman (Jason Mamoa) who more or less – more less actually – joins the team, we get the Flash (Ezra Miller) who’s all too eager to join the team, and we get Cyborg (Ray Fisher) who wasn’t even sure the Batman was real, plus some great stuff between Diana (Gal Gadot) and Bruce (Ben Affleck) as they try to form their new super-team. No sign of Superman, but Henry Cavill was in attendance in Hall H.

So enough dillydallying! Let’s get to the teaser.

Justice League will be in theaters everywhere in November 2017.

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