Promising a departure from the previous Thor films, Thor: Ragnarok promises to be a “buddy cop” action movie with heart and humor. We’ve already seen the first trailer and thanks to Led Zepplin, was an incredibly awesome. You couldn’t help but scream out “Yes” along with Thor Odinson as he ran into The Hulk in his full-on “Planet Hulk” attire.  The third Thor film is already off to a good start.

This being Comic-Con, and Thor: Ragnarok being on everyone’s radar, it makes perfect sense that the official trailer (the first one was a teaser trailer after all) today at Marvel’s Hall H panel. Boy did they not disappoint!

We got Hela! We got Valkyrie! We got Loki and Thor with laser canons! We got A TALKING HULK!!!! We got the God of Thunder using his powers sans hammer! In addition, Marvel has also released the official poster for Thor: Ragnarok.

November couldn’t come soon enough!


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