Yesterday on HuffPost Live, Goonies alumni Sean Astin and Corey Feldman (or for our younger readers: Samwise Gamgee and that guy from The Surreal Life) finally weighed in on Richard Donner‘s bombshell announcement that after nearly 30 years, a sequel to the 80s-tastic preteen adventure comedy is in the works. Video after the jump: 

Astin and Feldman (which sounds a hell of a lot like a law firm) played Mikey and Mouth, respectively, in the original film. Feldman surprised Astin while the LOTR co-star was being interviewed on HuffPost Live. After some initial chitchat, the duo discussed the only thing on anyone’s mind:

Apparently, these two don’t know any more about the Goonies sequel than we do–the only difference is Donner actually called them, they didn’t merely hear about it from (of all places) TMZ.

But as for when it will begin filming, when it will be released, what the plot is, who will be in the cast….or even if THEY will be in it, the guys seem to have no clue.

Corey seems a bit miffed about this, while Sean was more understanding and “diplomatic” in his assessment of why they’ve been kept out of the loop.

Take a look:

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