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You are already likely aware that Hot Toys are the premier purveyors of collectible display pieces and other high end desirables; praised for their extreme attention to detail throughout the entire production process, as well as their outstanding products. From Star Wars to Marvel, DC and many other brands, Hot Toys are the master makers. Their ever growing assortment of statues and figurines is the stuff nerd dreams are made of.

What you may not know, however, is what Hot Toys creative process is, how those wonderful toys are made. Well, a new video shows how the company produces such intricately detailed collectible action figures for adults. Sculpting, painting and a bunch of guys talking in Korean. Check it out: 

It should be pointed out that  Hot Toys are not a Korean company. They are a Chinese company based on Hong Kong that happens to have a lot of Korean artists due to the majority of them starting off as doing custom work online and then being picked up by the company.

Sadly, when you think of overseas workshops there is a conception that men and women are forced into some sort of slave labor. That is clearly not the case here. Working for Hot Toys has got to be very demanding, for sure, but the company is made up of passionate artists who like what they do and have a high standard because they hold themselves to a higher standard.

It’s amazing to see the level of detail and craftsmanship that goes into these pieces. You look at a figure from Hot Toys and compare it to a cheap toy from Hasbro and can clearly see you get what you pay for. Of course, Hasbro’s audience is mainly kids and WALMART based; cheap plastics and a kids imagination will fill in the blanks. Hot Toys caters to those with much more refined and expensive tastes.

And if there’s anyone who’s an aspiring toy sculptor out there interested in maybe working at Hot Toys, president of production JC Hong says the best way to get noticed is to post your work online. And if it’s good enough, then someone from the company is bound to seek out your services.


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