Seems There’s A New Judge in Town


A new Judge Dredd movie based off of the popular anti-hero has been in discussion for a long time now, and it looks like all the pieces are finally coming together. Now, there was a Judge Dredd movie with Stallone many years ago, which sucked, so it appears they are going to make it as dark as the comic book (and have the Judge never take off his helmet, as in the comics).

So, who would you have play him?

Why, Karl Urban, of course! United Kingdom blog Bleeding Cool says that Urban will indeed be offered the title role in the upcoming movie.

Urban is well-known to nerds and geeks everywhere for his work playing Doctor Bones McCoy in the recent JJ Abrams Star Trek movie, as well as Eomer in Lord Of The Rings.

Pete Travis is still scheduled to direct, from a script by Alex Garland, and until the casting news is announced at Comic-Con later this week, it is all still speculation.

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