SEGA To Make A Thor Game


In what should come to no surprise, the Asgardian god is getting his own game, which should come out in time for the film. The press release states the game will be pretty much coming out for everything just so they can make money all gamers happy. They made it sound like that the PS3/360 version will be played just like God of War, a third person action-adventure game, in which players take on giants and creatures with Thor. The Wii and the PSP version will have similar game play but the Wii will have controls suitable for it’s console. The DS version will be a 2D side-scroller.

While I wouldn’t mind smashing giant Ice Trolls with the Mjölnir in God of War like game play, I can’t help but remember SEGA’s recent attempts with comic book games. Like any movie video game & most comic book games, both Iron Man and Iron Man 2 were utter crap so maybe I just don’t want to raise my hopes for this game. However, knowing that Dante’s Inferno and Darksiders, in which both games are similar to God of War, were pretty good that maybe Thor could be decent. What do ya’ll think? Are ya excited for a Thor game? Or you think this will fail like any other game based on a movie/comic book.

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