Do you remember, back in the day, when movies were not so overtly publicized?

You would see a teaser trailer, a theatrical trailer, and maybe a tv spot or two. Now, you have viral marketing, numerous trailers and teasers, and more tv spots than you can count on two hands!

Case in point, Marvel and Fox‘s upcoming film, X-Men: First Class.

Over the past number of weeks, Fox has released over TEN slightly different tv spots for the film. I mean, that is getting a little bit ridiculous, don’t you think? But, I mean fuck. Obviously Fox doesn’t understand about over-saturating the market with material.

I still want to see the movie, but if they keep up this trend, we’ll be at over 20 before the film opens on June 1st!

Today, Fox released two more tv spots (that’s numbers 12 and 13 for those of you playing at home), as well as an extended clip of Mystique and Beast talking.

So, if you want to see (slightly) different tv spots for the film, check out the videos listed below.

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