G-Force beats Harry Potter: Seriously?



G-Spot  “G-Force” (the movie about the poorly-animated spy guinea pigs) has beaten “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” this week at the box office.  “G-Force” raked in $32.1 million, while “Potter” lingered around $30 million.


 I love my kids.  I would never subject them to that.  Just the premise of that movie alone makes my eyes cross and my brain hurt… the trailer was absolutely painful.  Are we so desperate to shut our kids up that we will drag them to whatever piece of PG shit the Disney colon excretes into theatres??  Did any of you who actually saw the movie live to tell about it?  And if so, did you even consider taking your kids outside to kick around a ball instead?  Did you even consider taking the little bastards to Chuck E Cheese?!  Or were you suckling so hard upon the Disney teat that you did not even question it? 


 And Will Arnett & Zach Galifianakis… what were you thinking signing on for this?  Or was this just a big joke for you?

 And yes, there is a token black one.

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