Sex, Greed, and a Little Silver Thimble: The Badass ‘Monopoly’ Trailer

When Richie Benjamin received a mysterious gift from his long-gone father, his world changes. A mustachioed gentleman in a top hat enters his life, and everything becomes a whirlwind of sex, money and dangerous dealings.

That’s the premise of this fake trailer for Monopoly by the sketch comedy group Half Day Today. It’s brilliant for its use of the actual game rules to create gags, as well as an awesome “Community Chest” pun involving a stripper. But perhaps even cooler: it looks like a real movie trailer. They took care of this thing, and it’s actually kind of thrilling in its own right.


It’s interesting to think how this film would actually play out. I have no idea how it would end, because in my house Monopoly always ended with someone hurling the board across the room and yelling “SCREW THIS!” because they just couldn’t take all those mortgages anymore. Now, it’s been said that Ridley Scott is developing an actual Monopoly film, but given what’s in this trailer, I think it’s much more a job for Oliver Stone.

Via: Geek Tyrant

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