The Divergent Series was supposed to be the next Twilight, the next Hunger Games, a top-tier box office series that packs in the young people with tales of a fearless heroine trying to undermine a terrible dystopia and build a brighter future. The real story though was more of a horror, an Icarus-like tale about the dangers of flying too close to the sun because with the release of Allegiant this spring, it was clear Divergent had flown too close to the sun. Now Lionsgate is looking to cut its losses by taking Divergent to TV, but they shouldn’t expect star Shailene Woodley to help with the transition. 

While talking to ScreenRant about her role in the upcoming Oliver Stone movie Snowden, Woodley was asked about her future involvement in the Divergent franchise. Initially, there was supposed to be one final movie called Ascendant based on the second half of the third book in the series, but the poor box office return of Allegiant forced Lionsgate to first cut Ascendant’s budget, and then they pushed back the release date because director Robert Schwenke quit because he was feeling the pressure from having to deliver three massive hit films over the three years. When all else literally failed, Lionsgate then announced they were moving Ascendant to TV, which would then be a launch for a new Divergent TV series.

Missing from all that though was what the movie series’ star thinks of the situation, and it turns out she doesn’t think much of it at all. “Last I heard they were trying to make it into a television show. I didn’t sign up to be in a television show,” Woodley told ScreenRant. “Out of respect to the studio and everyone in involved, they may have changed their mind and may be doing something different, but I’m not necessarily interested in doing a television show.”

So there you go. Considering that Divergent is basically the story of Woodley’s character and how she leads a rebellion to bring down the rulers of a future Chicago ruled by a strict and brutal class system, it’s hard to see a way that they can continue the story from the first three movies without her. Sure, they could re-cast Tris, but at this point is that going to help the situation? Doubtful. It’s not like, Allegiant left a lot up in the air in terms of questions unanswered, so maybe it’s just wise for Lionsgate to cut their losses. At least for those only familiar with the movies, it was a decent (if that’s the word) enough conclusion.

Whatever happens though, we’ll keep you posted.

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