Shatner Responds to Takei’s Peace Request


The Shatner/Fisher Star Trek/Star Wars slugfest was joined by Greorge Takei a couple of weeks ago. Now everybody, Takei included seemed to understand that this was a “tongue in cheek fight” that evolved into just good fun for Shatner and Fisher. George entered the fray with that same spirit, but it seems that Shatner doesn’t want to play with George . . . he wants to take his ball and go home.

If you have lived in a Star Trek vacuum for the last 20 years there has been a simmering feud between the two actors that has not always been civil or humorous. At one point Shatner throws out the idea that what sparked the feud was George’s love for him.

Basically Shatner tells George to stay out of his sandbox until some form of “retribution” is made. That sounds like Shatner doesn’t want an apology, but wants to get “even” with George before he would accept apology.

Maybe Shatner is just yanking George’s chain, maybe he really does feel hurt by George’s running feud. We’ll have to see George’s response to be sure. Personally this NerdBastard would like to see the two work it out. The list of living original cast members is shrinking as the years go by.


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