Warner Bros. has confirmed today that their next film to be shot for the DC Extended Universe will be none other than Shazam! Let’s not forget that Justice League is currently wrapping up its post-production while Aquaman is still filming so we won’t be seeing an adaptation of Shazam! on the screen just yet. The film is currently scheduled for a release in 2019.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have both confirmed the news that Shazam! will begin filming soon. We should see some activity on the set in either January or February next year as production gets into gear. Helming the project will be David Sandberg in his first attempt at the superhero genre. Previously, he has worked on the smash-hit horror film Lights Out as well as the forthcoming prequel Annabelle: Creation.

Warner Bros. sister studio, New Line Cinema, will be taking on the production of the film, which may mean a smaller budget than Wonder Woman or Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, but it’s still unclear how the smaller studio might take on the challenge of a big-ticket item like an entry into the DCEU. Dwayne Johnson has already been attached to play the villain of the story, Black Adam, but he will not be appearing in this film. It looks like the studio has decided to debut his character at a later time, either in a sequel or a standalone film, which could lead up to a third film pitting the two together.


Dwayne Johnson Black Adam Shazam

Shazam tells the story of Billy Batson whose powers allow him to transform into the titular hero. While in the body of Shazam, he has super strength, speed, and mental abilities making him a near equal to Superman. Fans have been waiting for a film adaptation of the character for years and with the success the studio recently had with Wonder Woman, there is a lot of hope that Shazam! will continue to deliver on the same level of creativity.

Warner Bros. will likely reveal more details about their upcoming plans when they take the stage at San Diego Comic Con this Saturday so stay tuned for more information!

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