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For those of you still following the tales of He-Man, you’re probably already well-aware of the latest DC comic book incarnation of the character. The new(er) He-Man and the Masters of the Universe comic series is already up to issue #18 and the latest development is the rise of one of the He-Man universe’s most well-known characters – She-Ra. But this time, the female counterpart to the burly defender of Eternia is looking a bit more battle worthy. Scroll on to see She-Ra’s new look.

new she-ra look

It’s not too far off from the original mini-skirt that She-Ra used to sport, but definitely different enough to let the character be taken seriously without pissing off diehard fanboys. With a more valkyrie-esque presence, I’m guessing we aren’t looking at the doe-eyed She-Ra that permeated past incarnations of He-Man. No more shall she have to rely on her burly big brother to take the reins when it comes to the fight against Skeletor. It almost makes me want to go back and see what DC has put together with this childhood favorite of mine.

In case you’re drawing a blank on what the old Princess of Power used to look like, here’s a refresher:

old she-ra

And here’s the general info on the latest comic issue:

Written by DAN ABNETT • Art by POP MHAN

On sale OCTOBER 22 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • F
The finale of “The Blood of Grayskull” is here! Darkness has taken over Eternia. He-Man is dead. Only one person can save the day – she is Adora. She is She-Ra!

And, just in case you have no idea what the new comic series is about – It’s basically all the stuff you remember from the He-Man of old, including the setting, characters and general atmosphere, but the new writers have taken this classic action figure franchise-turned-cartoon and created a rich and detailed backstory. No longer is He-Man a story built to please 10-year-olds exclusively. The new vision of Masters of the Universe is a little darker, a little more complex and a lot more interesting. If you’ve given up on the franchise for being too “childish”, you may want to rethink your position and give the latest series a try.

For a more detailed look at what the new He-Man and the Master of the Universe is bringing to the table, you can head to Comics Alliance and check out their detailed synopsis of the world-so-far.


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