‘Sherlock’ Season 3 Gets a New Villain

mikkelsen sherlock

Sherlock, in my opinion, is one of the best shows that’s been put on television in a very long time.  The combination of Steven Moffat’s influence and the outstanding acting from both Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman make for an enthralling show overall.  Now, after a hugely lengthy wait, season 3 is approaching.  And with it comes the news of what we can expect.  They started off by showing off some stuff at San Diego Comic Con and now it looks like they’ve chosen the actor that will be facing off against Sherlock this time around.

The news comes to us from producer Sue Vertue via the magic that is Twitter.  According to her, the new nemesis will be named Charles Augustus Magnussen and he’ll be played by none-other-than the older brother of Hannibal himself, Lars Mikkelsen.  Though unconfirmed, speculation is that Magnussen is a modernized version of Arthur Conan Doyle’s similarly named character, Charles Augustus Milverton, the so-called “king of the blackmailers”.

Expect to see Mikkelsen and all the rest when Sherlock season 3 finally airs in early 2014.  Though you folks in the UK will probably end up seeing it a bit earlier (as will those of us that know how to use a torrent).


Thanks to /film for the heads-up.

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