Some movies have a backstory that’s almost as legendary as the films themselves, and Clerks is definitely in that category. As the story goes, young Kevin Smith was stuck in a deadend job as a Quick Stop clerk when he got an idea: “I’ll make a movie about my boring ass life as a clerk.” He maxed out all sorts of credit cards, filmed the movie overnight in the actual store he worked in, and took the finished film to Sundance where it was sold to the Weinsteins, and the rest, as they say, is history. Well a new film called Shooting Clerks will begin touring this fall to reveal that history in presumably hysterical fashion. 

This new trailer, the first footage we’ve seen from the bio-pic since the teaser was released in March 2015, comes along with a message that if you’re attending the Orlando Film Festival, or if you live in the New York City and Atlantic Highlands, NJ area, you will soon have your chance to check out Shooting Clerks. From EventBrite, here are the details for the New York and New Jersey events:

“Auld Reekie Media invite you to join them as they premiere Shooting Clerks in New York City and Kevin Smith’s hometown of Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey! Every ticket holder will receive a swag bag, filled with exclusive merch as well as the chance to win a set of prototype Shooting Clerks figures. Following a short introduction from the filmmakers and select cast, you will have the opportunity to see previous Kevin Smith biopic shorts ‘Get Greedo’ and ‘Emo Kev’ on the big screen for the first time. An exclusive, advanced screening of Emo Kev Rides Again, the prequel to Shooting Clerks, will follow, leading into the feature presentation. When the end credits roll, you can let rip and interrogate the cast and crew during a 30+ Q&A session. The festivities will conclude with a meet and greet in which you grab an autograph from your favorite Shooting Clerks star.”

Tickets to each of these screenings are $28, but with each ticket comes a themed swag bag filled filled with all sorts of goodies. For the rest of us though, there’s the new trailer embedded below. (It is red band, so Li’l Bastards should put their earmuffs on.)

There’s no word on when you might be able to see this is a theatre near you, but stay tuned for updates.

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