Showrunner May Leave ‘The Office’

Turnover is an ever-present happening in real-life offices, but for a TV show, NBC’s The Office has undergone more than it’s share over the last few years and it looks like we’re about to see much more.

Because you are tack-sharp individuals, I’m sure you know that writer and Office customer service wizard Mindy Kaling, aka Kelly Kapoor is in the process of putting together her own show, one that just booked Bill Hader and her Office co-star Ed Helms to be guest stars. So we may as well count her out, and James Spader, who is half-way to the weirdness level of Christopher Walken , has already announced his intention to split after 1 season as Michael Scott’s pseudo replacement, so that’s 2 down.

Now comes news that showrunner Paul Lieberstein, aka Toby, is set to leave to head up The Office spin-off about Rainn Wilson’s character Dwight Schrute and his beet farm should that show, known as The Farm, get picked-up after it’s back-door pilot runs later on this season during an episode of The Office. Obviously if that happens, we can count Wilson out as well.

As I said up top, that is a ton of turnover for a show that would be heading toward it’s 9th season and it may not even end there since both Helms and John Krasinski don’t have deals yet for next year (though they are reportedly in talks). Should those talks fail, and those two leave as well, one has to wonder if it might be time Dunder Mifflin to go out of business lest we windup with an all Creed, all the time version of The Office.

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