Simon West To Helm Historical Fantasy ‘War Wolf’

Simon West - War Wolf

Simon West, best known for directing Con Air, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and The Expendables 2, has been lined up to oversee forthcoming fantasy epic War Wolf. A 14th Century-set tale of derring do, castles and knights, it centres around the nightmarish ‘Loup de Guerre’, the ferocious War Wolf legend come to life in the middle of a war between English and French, stalking and killing soldiers from both sides.Variety are reporting that Fortitude International, West and Amber Entertainment are behind the currently in pre-production project, War Wolf being the first in a planned franchise of films. Of course it’s a planned franchise; post MCU, is there anything else?

Said Fortitude International’s Nadine de Barros:

“The popularity of the fantasy genre around the globe continues to grow and the fierce world of ‘War Wolf’ is an electric story. Under the masterful direction of Simon West and the brilliant team of Dave and Lou Elsey behind the special effects makeup, this film is going to blow people away with both the look of this fantastical world and the intense storytelling.”

Dave and Lou Elsey are the co-founders of Igor Studios and Dave Elsey shared an Oscar with the wonderful Rick Baker for The Wolfman (2010). So at least we know it should look good. West is a competent hand – c’mon, Expendables 2 was pretty much what you expected, right? – and who wants subtlety with subject matter like this anyway?

The setting promises some Game of Thrones-style adventure but there’s precious little information at this stage. With a currently planned 2017 release promised that should all change soon, including who’s on board to wield broadswords.

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