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As much as Luke Cage was a story about the titular character, the breakout star of the Netflix series was Misty Knight, played by actress Simone Missick. The detective who was entwined with Luke Cage throughout the first season was a highlight for many fans of the show and they were very impressed with Missick’s portrayal of the character. Comic book fans know that she and Colleen Wing eventually join up and together become “The Daughters of the Dragon,” a crime-fighting duo who rival Luke Cage and Iron Fist’s Heroes For Hire. One of Misty’s signature traits from the comic book is her bionic arm.


In the comic books, after losing her arm stopping a bomb, she is forced to desk duty. Thanks to Tony Stark (Iron Man), she is given a bionic arm and Misty eventually starts her own private investigative agency with Colleen Wing, “Nightwing Restorations.”

Towards the end of the show, Misty gets shot through her arm and thanks to Claire Temple’s quick and unconventional thinking, she stops the bleeding. However, there is still the risk that she will eventually lose her arm unless she gets the proper medical attention. The season ends with Misty keeping the arm, but since she remained active in her investigations of Diamondback and Black Mariah and not getting the medical attention, it’s not clear if she successfully healed all the way and possibly still might lose the arm. Missick recently talked about Misty’s future in the Netflix universe, teaming up with Wing, and if she’s going to get her bionic arm.

“I think it was a great kind of teaser for the fans you know because everyone wants Misty to have that arm. I’ve never seen anyone want me to lose an appendage more. So I think that they wanted to play with that and give people the ‘Will it happen or will it not?'”

It has also been announced that Jessica Henwick, most recently seen as one of the “Sand Snakes” on Game of Thrones will play Colleen Wing in Iron Fist. Missick, being familiar with the comics discussed what might lie ahead for both her and Colleen Wing in the future of the Marvel/Netflix universe.

“I haven’t had a chance to meet Jessica yet, but I loved her on Game of Thrones. I know the fans are very vocal about the Daughters of the Dragon to have their own show…who knows what Marvel and Netflix are going to do. They don’t tell us anything because they know we’ll spoil it.”

Misty Knight has already been confirmed to return in the team up show The Defenders, which will unite Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist together as they team up to take on a dangerous foe. It’s wildly assumed that since she’s there, she’ll probably link up with Colleen Wing (and probably Danny Rand since she and he end up as a couple), and maybe even get her bionic arm.

Source: IGN via Comicbook

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