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It’s just over half-a-year away – the big screen premiere of the newest X-Men flick, Days of Future Past.  And while we thought the shooting on the movie was pretty much done for, it looks like director Bryan Singer isn’t completely satisfied.  The cast and crew are heading back to good old Montreal (that’s in Canadia or something), to do a few reshoots.

No word on what they might be giving the second run, however, just that they’ve got about two weeks worth of work ahead of them and that at least some of it will contain team members from the “future” side of the story.

And while reshoots are pretty common these days, especially with bigger budget flicks, my own personal nightmares of World War Z with its endless reshoots and the eventual pile of rubbish that it turned into has me a bit paranoid.  Let’s just hope that Singer’s doing it because he’s making the film better and not just second-guessing himself.


Thanks to ign for the heads-up.

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