First, let’s give a cheer for all single parents out there. Being the daughter of one myself I can tell you what damn extraordinary superheroes they are themselves. Secondly, listen to this adorable tale of father and daughter connecting through comic books. And not because the father’s a fan and wants to share his passion with his little girl. Rather, superheroes are her most favorite thing in the world and she wants to daddy to explain everything about them. But he can’t, because believe it or not these gender-stereotype things go both ways and not all guys love comic books and video games.

Here’s the opening heart breaker, Matt Logelin is a single father who’s wife, Liz, died of a pulmonary embolism the day after their daughter, Maddy was born. Maddy is now almost four and Matt has been raising her solo, like a champ. At first he thought he was in luck his daughter was turning out to be quite the tomboy, until he realized her interests weren’t sports but superheroes. What worries him now isn’t forgetting his tea party etiquette, but how to explain Wolverine.

a few weeks back her mind was completely blown when she found a batman mask ready to be cut from the box of her favorite breakfast cereal, and no matter where on earth you live, you probably heard her squeal when i pulled a batman comic book from inside the package. (“squeeeeeeeeeee! dad! this is soooooo cooooool!”).

a few days later brooke [Logelin’s current partner] bought her a t-shirt with a bunch of superheroes on it, and when madeline chose it as her shirt for the day, she spent the entire drive to school asking me questions about the superheroes and their personalities and super powers… questions i couldn’t answer for her other than to say that the hulk turns green when he’s angry (i know nothing about wolverine or the other superhero on her shirt, whatever his name is).

Hmm, I wonder who else is on her t-shirt?

Anyway, being the awesome single parent Matt is he was determined to not only learn more about superheroes himself but find more comic books for his daughter to enjoy. They traveled to their local comic shop, Secret Headquarters in Los Angeles and with the assistance of the lady working there (not Comic Book Guy, who Matt was expecting) Maddy found what she was looking for.

i stood back, trying to learn all that i could my heart melted when she looked at me with those thankful eyes she has when she’s really, really happy and asked me to read to her. we sat in that store for 35 mins, each page i turned led to more questions, which led me to say over and over again, “i don’t know, maddy” which led the woman behind the counter to smile in our direction.

i left maddy alone to read while i paid for the books she chose, and thanked the woman behind the counter for helping me out. so now i’m trying learn as much as i can about comic books and superheroes so i can be a better father.

Excuse me, I forgot to pop my allergy medicine this morning. THAT’S why my eyes are a little watery, okay!?

Armed with some issues of Tiny Titans, a perfect choice for any young superhero fan, Maddy and Matt are now on their own comic book adventure. And there you go, an awesome, nerdy, heartwarming story to kick off your weekend! You can read Matt’s entire post over on his blog, but I’ll leave you with this,

just when i think i’ve figured things out, i’m reminded that gender identification is malleable and our assumptions are bullshit because i found myself sitting with brooke and my little tomboy, getting my first pedicure. and i fucking loved it.

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