Typically, during the Christmas season, when you thinking of sitting on the lap of a guy in a red suit, you’re first thought is a foul-mouthed, self-referential mutant assassin with a body count higher than Ebola. You can keep your annual trip to the mall and a visit with Santa Claus, because Deadpool will be waiting for you at the local multiplex. With a release date just a few months in the future, the promotion for Deadpool, starring Ryan Reynolds, will be ramping up, and if you should happen to make your way to the cinema in the next few weeks, you may be drawn to the following invitation. 


According to IGN, this standees sit at 68″ wide by 30″ deep by 102″ tall. In all, there will be 1,500 standees in theaters across the United States, and in all major markets in the U.S. and Canada. They will also be seen at select theaters in the UK and Australia. No word on what the weight limit might be though.

I’m not so sure about the catchphrase on the poster, “Sit on this.” I think we get the innuendo, “this” not referring to the Deadpool standee or Deadpool’s lap, but rather his implied erection. Har, har. There’s also the fact that it calls back to one of the all-time famous catchphrases of TV utter by Happy Days’ the Fonz. You see the Fonz, being a supposed bad boy, would ride around on his motorcycle, wear a leather jacket and indifferently tell people to “Sit on it.” If Henry Winkler is your idea of bad ass, prepare to be disturbed by the Merc with a Mouth.

Deadpool will be in theaters everywhere on February 12, 2016.

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