First Trailer For SMALLVILLE Season 10!


The first trailer for the 10th and final season of ‘Smallville‘ has just been released. Does anyone give a shit? Come on now, 10 seasons? 10 Seasons being nothing but a long-term psychological test to see how long nerds can watch a Superman show without ever seeing Superman!!! OK. I realize the creators of the show were resolute in their “No Tights, No Flight” rule, but deprivation is one thing. Being cock teasing bastards is another. Getting ludicrously close to showing Superman’s outfit as possible (final scene in season 9), but never letting it be on screen, even for a second. That’s just some bullshit!  JUST SHOW THE FUCKING SUIT!!!!!! And, would it kill them to use the John Williams theme, just once?

Oi! For any of you out there that have endured the “No Tights, No Flight” rule and have stomached the last 10 seasons of boring, achingly painful story-lines with a smile, then I guess the trailer for the final season might excite you.

Who am I kidding? Smallville sucks, but I still watch. I can’t wait for season 10. Am siked to see another 17+ episodes featuring Tom Welling’s I-just-smelled-a-fart face. It’s gonna be awesome!

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