Here are the facts: Lauren McCarthy designed a Happiness Hat, a beanie that pricks you if you’re not smiling in order to train your brain to smile.

My Opinion: I am not the type of person to have a smile on my face 24/7. And neither is anyone else I know. So why would this thing even be thought of? Is it just me or is thing totally whacked? What purpose is there to inflicting pain upon oneself just to SMILE???? I really don’t get it. Why not just stoop to the cheerleader way of doing things and lather Vaseline all over your teeth? And here’s a thought. IF you bought the Happiness Hat for someone and they wore it, and lets say that metal prick “accidentally” jabbed into your head and caused some damage, whose fault would that be and would there be an assault charge against the gift giver? Just a thought….and if that little metal prick ended up striking some important nerve or vain and you ended up with brain damage and eventually died…would it be manslaughter? Just a thought.

Your Opinon: Let me know.

Source: Geekologie

Category: WTF?

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