If you get violently angry when you see Christmas commercials and decorations before Thanksgiving, then you might want to just skip this new Christmas themed trailer for The Peanuts Movie that won’t be out until next year. If you can handle a little Christmas before Thanksgiving, then you should check this new trailer out. It looks like Blue Sky Studios has captured the spirit of Charles Schulz‘s much beloved Peanuts.

While the powers that be have not released a synopsis for the movie, producer Paul Feig has said:

He’d likely call it Don’t Give Up, Charlie Brown!. The story follows the little round-headed boy with the indomitable optimism on a quest to get something he’s sure he needs, even though he discovers he’s pretty OK just as he is.

We won’t see new characters or a gritty reboot of the franchise, this movie looks more like a personal love letter to the characters created by Charles Schulz. This trailer has one of my favorite Snoopy bits, a dogfight with the Red Baron.

Another interesting tid-bit about the movie is that the creative team is using the archival recordings of Bill Melendenz instead of recasting or recording new Snoopy and Woodstock voices. It is a nice tribute to the voice actor that provided Snoopy and Woodstock’s voices since 1965. Melendenz passed away in 2008.

What did you think of this trailer? Is the style what you expected?

The Peanuts Movie hits theater screens next year on November 6th, 2015.

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