With production on Warner Bros.’ Man of Steel sequel inching ever forward, anticipation has been high that we might catch a glimpse of some of the film’s key elements, particularly anything related to the new cinematic Batman. I will not lie, each and every day I sit in front of the internet with the small hope that today is the day that we see the new Batfleck Batsuit or a batarang or… Hell, I’d settle for just about anything with the prefix of ‘bat’ smacked on to it.

Well, moments ago the man behind the still untitled Batman vs Superman movie, Zack Snyder, tweeted out a teaser showing (mostly) the new look of Batmobile.

(here’s the link straight from imgur for a better look)

The big Batfans out there have already started to speculate the pedigree of the Dark Knight’s new ride. It’s safe to say that the chunky armored look from the Nolan films lives on, though it appears to be mixed up with the longer, sleeker version from the Burton and (ugh) Schumacher eras with a small taste of a Formula One car tossed in.

Regardless, even with 95% of the car covered with a tarp, it is most definitely a Batmobile. As for Snyder’s tease of more to be revealed tomorrow?




Please? My F5 finger key is getting tired of refreshing twitter.

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