If you were one of the many millions of nerds that saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens over the last week, then A) you had a a truly amazing theatrical experience (at least most of you did, there’s some haters out there) and B) you’ll have noticed a ton easter eggs, references and celebrity cameos galore – linking to other films in the saga, the expanded universe, and other properties.

These fan servicing moments, nods, and inside references were a many  – most glaringly obvious and others not as evident (even to keen eyed viewers). There’s posts all over the Internet calling attention to all of these references, throw-backs, and guest appearances. Fortunately, our friends and Mr Sunday’s YouTube channel have done what they do best, and done all the hard work making note of every reference and put them together in one 9+ minute interview

Sufficed to say the following video is rife with *** SPOILERS ***. Don’t dare watch it if you haven’t seen the movie yet. For the rest of you, how many references and hidden inserts did you pick up on when you saw the movie? Which ones surprised you? Are there anymore not included in this video?

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