It has to be one of the most anticipated shows in a TV year full of very anticipated shows, but the countdown can now officially begin for Stranger Things season two. Season one sailed onto Netflix and into our hearts on a wind of nostalgia for all things 80s and remotely Spielbergian, and the very brief 8-episode first season left nothing but an appetite for more Dungeons & Dragons themed adventures in the Upside Down and fighting the Demogorgon alongside a new friend with supernatural powers. Mark your calendars because October 27 will mark the launch of the new season of Stranger Things

The announcement came via Twitter (of course):

The accompanying poster shows some dark skies ahead for the gang as they must confront the fact that the Upside Down isn’t gone forever. Executive producer Shawn Levy has previously said that the initial thrust of season two is that everyone has a “determined desire to return to normalcy in Hawkins”, which hardly seems likely with all that red lightning and what looks like a tentacled monster floating there up in the sky.

Netflix has chose it’s date well as it’s previously been revealed that the new season will take place in the days leading up to Halloween 1984. Like Will, Lucas, Dustin, Will and the gang, we can get excited about the coming pagan festivities by taking another dip into the sometimes frightening, often fascinating world of Stranger Things. Seems appropriate. The full poster displayed in the tweet is available for you to check out below.

That release date again is October 27. Hope the Netflix servers are ready to handle the traffic…

Source: Twitter

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