Some Sweet Spiderman Musical Photos!

Vogue Gallery 2

So in more news about the most expensive musical never seen, Spider Man: Turn Off The Dark photos have just been released from the upcoming issue of Vogue (oh my). In the photos we meet our Mary Jane (Jennifer Damiano) and also get to see Carnage! The project was directed by Julie Taymor and cost around 60 million! Now this project has definitely had some setbacks and was continually pushsed back for its release and is finally set for January… I think. Now I LOVE musicals but I’m just not sure that Spider Man was meant to be brought to the stage. But what is undeniable is that with the acrobatics that Spider Man performs and also epic fight scenes it was only a matter of time before someone entertained the idea of a doing a musical like this. And for some reason I’m somewhat compelled to see this thing! Regardless if the project starring Reeve Carney and featuring songs by U2 is good or not these pics are badass and I think you’ll enjoy. Check ’em out after the jump!

Source: GeekTyrant

Vogue Gallery 1

Vogue Gallery 2

Vogue Gallery 3

Vogue Gallery 4

Vogue Gallery 5

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